Saturday, February 02, 2008

Who Changed Positions?

Last night we had Danielle's Grandfather's Sister (I think that's her Great Aunt) over for dinner and pleasant conversation. She is a self proclaimed radical, "as far left as you can get." She ran for president a few years back under the marijuana party ticket. She didn't win.

Anyways, we were discussing the primaries and politics. Now I am an independent conservative, so when she brought up the primaries I thought to myself was that this was going to be an interesting conversation. It ended up being interesting because we saw eye to eye on a lot of the issues. For example she thought that Romney should be the republican candidate. She didn't like McCain and claimed that there is evidence that the elections were rigged in places like New Hampshire. She had questions about fund raising that were interesting questions.

I was shocked to see how much we shared in common. I wondered who changed positions? Myself or her? I think that we came together because we were Americans worried about this elections results because it will have a huge effect on America, a country that we both loved. It is just a reminder that most Americans want whats best for the country, and we don't need to demonize people who don't agree with us.

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