Monday, August 31, 2009

August activities

Fun summer days with cousins

I decided to try making my own salsa this summer. I'm pretty impressed at how it turned out. We also did pickles but my pictures didn't turn out very good.

Putting the jars in the water bath.

Our finished product. Pretty yummy!

We hiked in Corbin's Glen one night. Here's Mason doing what he loves, finding rocks and throwing them in the water.

Mike and Caleb walking in the water. Caleb enjoyed looking over the edge of the waterfall

On the hottest day of the summer we went to the spray park. The kids played on the playground before they turned the water on.

Mason was alittle worried of the water at first but after he saw what happened he was running around with Caleb

Our Sunflowers look so cool. Here is one. We have red with orange and some with yellow and all yellow. The colors are great.

Fish hatchery

On one of our hikes we found this chimney. The kids thought it was so funny in the middle of the woods all by itself.

We went camping with friends of ours up to Bristol. All the boys thought it was funny to line up and jump off of this bench.

The next day we went hiking in Grimes Glen. It was so pretty. We walked along the water and were able to go near waterfalls. Unfortunately it wasn't as warm as we wanted. We all still got wet.

Caleb decide to climb this hill.

And this is what happened. Covered in mud!

We found this cool looking lizard near one of the caves.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

I'm 5 Times the Man I Used to Be

So, I wanted to post something a little more on the personal side. I have really made it a goal to get into better shape. I was looking for a program and came across the one hundred push ups program. The program is that after six week (at a minimum), you should be able to do one hundred consecutive push ups. I thought that would be cool and I started off. I made the following to show my experience with the program (you can click on it if you can't read it):

You do an exhaustion test, which puts you in a class for a week or two. You have 3 workouts a week. The workout consists of a few sets of push ups finished off with a maxing out.

When I began the program I could only do 10 consecutive push ups (yeah I know it's pitiful but in my defense I haven't done a push up for about 9 years). The blue area is the maximum amount of push ups I have done. The green bars are the total workout (sets plus max). The purple bars are the exhaustion tests that you do every two weeks or so.

I reached the end of the six weeks then tried the final test. I only did 40 which was really lame. It happened that I came down with a cold (the gray area) which lasted for a while. Once I was feeling better I took another exhaustion test and did 50+ consecutive push ups.

When I started I could only do 10 and now I can do 50. That's why I'm 5 times the man I used to be. I would invite anyone who reads this to start the program. I might keep everyone posted when I meet the goal.