Thursday, December 04, 2008

Some of our November Activities

Caleb helped me paint signs and I used Vinyl to make some Christmas presents this year.

We made paper plate turkeys


Rice Crispy treat houses

For my nieces and nephew I made hoodie towels. A duck

Mike modeling my pink bunny towel (it made him think of a Christmas Story)

A doggie

A Butterfly

Caleb made donut acorns for FHE one night

Mason decide that he likes climbing on everything. He can get up and down stairs so fast and not very safe.

We made and canned applesauce

For another FHE treat Caleb made pilgrim hats by dipping marshmellows in chocolate and putting them on a chocolate cookie

We made bird feeders out of pine cones

We went apple picking. Mason enjoyed eating the apples.

Mike took this picture as a contrast to our view in Staten Island.

We got to ride a tractor our to pick the apples.


MyPreciousAnna said...

How fun Danielle! Everything is so cute, I love the towels! Are you enjoying being upstate?

alisquire said...

I can't believe how amazing you are! What a fun mom. By the way, I like your hair.

Griffeth Family said...

You are so creative Danielle!!! You should have been a school teacher.

We miss you guys. We are having the ward Christmas Party tonight and it won't be the same without you!

alli said...

Seriously, you need to start a business or something. You always have so many cute, fun and crafty ideas. I love it!

Katie said...

You are so creative. You've got to have a book of all your secrets, right? One that I can buy and become creative with too?

Congrats on your house, by the way! That's got to be so exciting!