Tuesday, February 10, 2009

January Activity Highlights

5 Senses - Sight Day - We made binoculars

FHE treat - Crunchy the snowman

Matching lowercase and uppercase letters

Letter P = Pom Poms

White Day - shaving cream drawings

treading marshmallows on licorice

Rochester Museum of Play

FHE treat - Waffle brownies

Letter Q= Quilt

Book Theme Challenge - The Mittens by Jan Brett
Treading mittens

Painting mitten toast with colored milk for a snack

FHE treat - skiing snowmen

5 Senses Day - Sound - Make tambourines

Color Day - Brown- We made a hat

Chinese New year - Made lanterns

Letter S = Sandpaper

FHE treat for Chinese New Year - Fortune cookies with fortunes by Caleb

Reading theme challenge foe Chinese New Year - We read "D is for Dragon Dance by Ying Chang Compenstine" In the book each letter stood for something that helped celebrate Chinese New Year. The R stood for Red envelopes so we made our own to help us celebrate (Year of the OX)


alli said...

Fun! Can I come live at your house?

blogofsteele said...

You are an amazing teacher, Danielle! I'm glad you post your lessons so that I can get some ideas for when Ella's a little older!!!! You're inspiring!!!!