Saturday, August 01, 2009

I'm 5 Times the Man I Used to Be

So, I wanted to post something a little more on the personal side. I have really made it a goal to get into better shape. I was looking for a program and came across the one hundred push ups program. The program is that after six week (at a minimum), you should be able to do one hundred consecutive push ups. I thought that would be cool and I started off. I made the following to show my experience with the program (you can click on it if you can't read it):

You do an exhaustion test, which puts you in a class for a week or two. You have 3 workouts a week. The workout consists of a few sets of push ups finished off with a maxing out.

When I began the program I could only do 10 consecutive push ups (yeah I know it's pitiful but in my defense I haven't done a push up for about 9 years). The blue area is the maximum amount of push ups I have done. The green bars are the total workout (sets plus max). The purple bars are the exhaustion tests that you do every two weeks or so.

I reached the end of the six weeks then tried the final test. I only did 40 which was really lame. It happened that I came down with a cold (the gray area) which lasted for a while. Once I was feeling better I took another exhaustion test and did 50+ consecutive push ups.

When I started I could only do 10 and now I can do 50. That's why I'm 5 times the man I used to be. I would invite anyone who reads this to start the program. I might keep everyone posted when I meet the goal.

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