Sunday, September 13, 2009

September calendar

So we are going to start our daily activities again. Lat year I choose different days to focus on different activities. I'm going to start like that and see how he does. Although this year we are focusing on learning how to write the letters and what they sound like. I have books that go along with most of my days. If you are interested in the books or instructions on how to do anything contact me.

Sept 14 - Make Bread Bears
Sept 15 - Learn Seasons - Summer - do sun prints
Sept 16 - Alphabet books
Sept 17 - Dogs - Make Puppy Paw prints, start an animal book
Sept 18 - Alphabet Chalk

Sept 21 - Make camp fires -
Sept 22 - Autumn - Leaf collage
Sept 23 - A is for Alligator
Sept 24 - Rabbit - cotton ball pick up, carrots, bunny hopping
Sept 25 - While we were out walk

Sept 28 - Make Taffy
Sept 29 - Winter - Snowflake bingo
Sept 30 - B is for Banana

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