Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Food Storage

Like a lot of people lately Mike and I have been trying to increase our food storage and learn how to use it and rotate. I've collected a lot of information in the past of how we were going to store food when we had space. Well, we decided that we probably won't have a lot of space for a while but we should get going. We bought shelves and put them in our spidery basement and started trying to store. I've been trying new recipes and making my own bread (we also just bought a wheat grinder that I love) Monica, my sister, got me in contact with someone from her ward who explained to me how to make a meat out of ground flour. (It's a meat substitute) Mike and I tried it for FHE a week ago and I cooked it as our meal the following day. Surprisingly it tasted like chicken (I flavored it with chicken broth) and had a meat texture to it. I decided that it would be better as a ground beef though. That's my next experiment. Then Monica told me about a web site that she heard on the radio in Utah. It simplylivingsmart.com I started looking at their site and was so interested in all of the things that they we talking about. I couldn't get enough of their information and within about 2 weeks had watched or read everything on their site. They (simplylivingsmart.com) just decided to launch a lesson program about how to use your food storage in everyday living, save money, and a ton of other things. Well, they were giving away scholarships for their classes and I won one. I'm so excited. I had to answer 3 questions
  1. What have you already learned from www.simplylivingsmart.com or from the newsletter?
  2. How has it helped you become more prepared or comfortable with your storage and whole food pantry?
  3. Why are you excited to take Eating Gourmet the Food Storage Way–Online Training?

1) I just found your web site about 2 weeks ago. My husband, my two young children, and I, live in New York City. Space is limited and the value of what to store is important to us. Since I starting looking through your web site I've been glued to the computer. Trying to find the time I have to look through the vast information and apply it to what we can use for our family. All of the videos, articles, newsletters, and blogs that I have read and helped me start to realize that I can begin storing and using my storage even here in the city. Before I only made bread with my wheat but now I feel like a whole new world has opened up as I've learned that I can do so many different things with my wheat. My husband and I have tried several of the things that I have already learned. Each time I learn something new I'm so excited to share the information with him so we can apply it to our family.
2) One thing that I have always been intimidated with is beans. I've never known how to cook or use them correctly. Consequently I stopped buying and storing beans. By learning recipes and techniques to use beans I can feel comfortable again in adding this to my food storage shopping list.
3) I've always felt the desire to understand and prepare. My desire to learn has increased as my family has grown and my desire to care for them has increased. After doing research on my own and feeling frustrated with our lack of storage space, I found your site. It has put a spark into my need for knowledge. I told my husband that I feel like a sponge, I want to keep soaking up all that I can learn. I want to store what I need to for my family and know how to use in our daily meals. I want to feel comfortable with whatever is ahead of us. Whether it be regular living or having to survive a family crisis or disaster. I want to feel like I can help my family.

Now I get to learn through 12 different 60-90 min classes on the web and a bunch of other bonuses.
We will see what happens. I'll keep you posted.


Griffeth said...

That is way cool!! you should do a class for us on what you learn!!

The Shafers said...

I'm soooo impressed. Just look at you smarty pants. You are leading the food storage revolution. I'm interested to hear about what you learn in your classes.