Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A fresh start

So several people have been asking why I don't blog. Honestly it's because I don't get to it. There is always something else to do. But, I do want to sit down and start blogging. So this is my fresh start.

Lately. . .
My parents were in town for a week and we walked the Brooklyn Bridge and ate at Grimaldi's pizza. I definitely suggest doing this if you get the chance. The Bridge was
really interesting to walk over.

Friday May 2nd we drove to Baltimore for a Day with Thomas for Caleb's birthday. He had a lot of fun and loved looking at all the Thomas trains as well as the real trains they had at the B&O museum. I'm not sure if he will ever remember it except for pictures but I'm glad that we did that for him.

For his birthday I made a train cake. He liked it and wanted to keep eating cake.


The Shafers said...

Wowzer on the train cake! I loved it. I just want to know where my piece is?

Ryan said...

(Katie)That is a really cute cake, and the thing is, when kids are young, they get so excited for that...I don't think Ryan would appreciate a train cake as much as Caleb probably did. Way to go!