Thursday, January 22, 2009

January Calendar

Several people have asked me what I do with Caleb (2+3/4 year old now) and how I organize it. So I decided to post my calendar for January.

2- 5 Senses - Sight - make binoculars (TP tubes)
5- FHE snack - Crunchy the snowman
6- Letter P
7- Colors - White - shaving cream pictures, marshmallow activity
8- Book Reading theme challenge - The Mitten by Jan Brett! - threading mitten, mitten toast snack and hot cocoa
9- 5 Senses - Taste
12- FHE snack - waffle brownies
13 - Letter Q
14 - Colors - kaleidoscopes
15- Book Reading them challenge - 5 little ducks - felt board activity, pringles duck beaks for snack
16- 5 Senses - Sound - make a tambourine with plates, beans, streamers
19- FHE treat - skiing snowmen
20- Letter R
21- Colors - brown, make a hat, cookies
22- Blue's clues day
23- 5 Senses - Touch
26- FHE snack - Chinese New Year cookies
27 - Letter S
28- Color - Grey, elephant
29- Science activity- change celery different colors
30- Book Reading theme Challenge - Chinese New Year

In the next couple of days I'll post some of the pictures from our activities so you can see what we have done.


Katie said...

What you do with Caleb is so great. I was wondering what book it was that you told me about a while back, that has activities that are appropriate for certain ages? And are you getting these ideas from other books, or how have you come up with them?

By the way, we miss you a lot! You didn't happen to forget anything in Staten Island and need to come down, did you? :)

teachingtinytots said...

your doing some great stuff!!!! he is very lucky to have you as a mom!!

Danielle Silva said...

One of the books that I told you about has an activity each week based on age. It's called "Slow and Steady, Get me Ready" by June Oberlander the other one that I get some ideas from is called "The Complete Resource Book for Preschoolers: An Early Childhood Curriculum With Over 2000 Activities and Ideas" by Pam Schiller and Kay Hastings. Then I just use ideas from what I think Caleb needs to work on and a lot of great sites out there that you ideas.