Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Interesting Economic News

I am so happy! I read a post a while back that was really good but promptly forgot where I found it (I really hate it when that happens). Well I have had the fortune to come across it again tonight: Where is the Credit Crunch? (This comes from Marginal Revolution which is a major economic blog). This was written back in September (pre-bailout). I have been looking for this post for a while so I am happy I crossed it again. I found it because part 3 came out on the same topic: Where is the Credit Crunch? III. I have yet to find part 2. Marginal Revolution posts tend to be heavy at times.

Another interesting post that I read tonight and highly recommend to anyone is Despite Current Economic Slowdown, Consumers Have Never Had It So Good. Ever. Anywhere. It illustrates the point quite well. Also, there were a couple of comments to my last post which I plan spending some time investigating and providing answers to them. Danielle intends posting more pictures too.

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