Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Pitts family Vaction Cruise

Entering the cruise ship for the Bahamas

Caleb and Mike on our drill

Eating lunch our first day in the dinning room

Mason and Caleb next to the towel animal that our steward left every night.
Our first stop was in Florida and is wasn't the warmest weather for the beach but we took advantage of it anyway.
Mason loving the beach

Caleb chillin' out

Our second stop was Norwegian's private island, Stirrup Cay.

Mason snoozing in the hammock

Fun in the sun and on the beach

Our ship from the beach. Look at the nice water!

The kids club did Blue's Clues one night and Caleb loved it!

In Nassau, capital of the Bahamas, we went on a semisub. The boys loved looking at the fish and everything we saw. We saw sharks, conchs, sand dollars, starfish, barracudas, cool plant, and lots of colorful fish.

Here is some fish but the picture didn't turn out great through the glass.

Mason near a cannon in a fort.

Mason wasn't allowed in the regular pool since he wears diapers still. So, we brought a little pool for him. He loved it and wasn't as upset not to go swimming with Caleb.

Mike on the climbing wall

Danielle on the climbing wall

Their pirate Bahama shirts


susan said...

Lucky dogs!! What a fun time. I'm jealous. Someday.

Yo Mamma said...

J-E-A-L-O-U-S!!!!!!That looks like a blast, and I'm so glad that you got to go in the winter. I bet you felt like it was the middle of summer.