Thursday, April 02, 2009

What do Facebook, History, and Upstate New York have in common?

So I have decided to leave economics out of the picture (if that is possible) and write a post. Danielle has finally decided to join Facebook and is currently sending our requests from my page. I don't really get Facebook. I love technology but don't get Facebook. Does that mean I'm getting old. I remember back in my day we used to email everyone. And before that we would talk to people in person.

I have been thinking about history lately (after listening to EconTalk, my preferred weekly podcast) and realize how important a complete and accurate understanding of it is. You really can't get a good idea of what is going on with out it.

We have been settling in nicely here in Upstate New York. We are trying to get our garden in (pictures forth coming). Today's weather was beautiful. I'm looking forward to things greening up, and maybe some friends from New York City will make the drive up. We could sit in the basement and Facebook each other. You know what. I thought I was pretty cool for having 50 some odd friends on Facebook. Then I found out my sister has somewhere in the order of 3 times as much. Oh well. If Facebook friends are a good indicator of coolness I'm not very cool.

So you're wondering what Facebook, history, and Upstate New York all have in common. They were in this random post.

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