Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why I Don't Blog

So for all those who keep checking the Silva Family blog for updates and leave disappointed because there isn't anything new here is a post explaining why.

I preface my response with the following. If you know me, I am a big fan of technology. I love email and the internet. I was a computer science major before I moved to economics. If you didn't know that now you know.

Having that said I will proceed with my answer. I don't blog because I don't find it to be a very helpful technology. The kinds of things I would put on a blog I would prefer to discuss with people face to face. I find that technology is a poor substitution for person to person interaction. Thus I would prefer to speak with most of the people who read this blog about what is going on with my life, etc.

I do find a blog helpful to help me remember things, or to communicate information with people you don't need or want to speak with. For example I have my Genealogy Research Log. It has 691 hits since the beginning of this year. This is a good use of the technology in my opinion. I post to this blog at least weekly. So that is why I don't blog.

But realizing that the time to meet and discuss is hard to come by, we (Danielle and I) will start making posts to the blog. So stay tunned...

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Ryan said...

(katie) I totally agree with you on the blog thing....I'm more interested in conversation. But it is good for friends and family who are far away. Also, have you guys heard of They'll print your blog pages, for a very reasonable price, into a book, so it can be like a scrapbook or a family journal. I think that's really cool...