Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Something that we have misplaced

Last weekend Danielle and I went to Radio Shack to make a purchase. While there I thought about the major change in Radio Shack. I remember Radio Shack being filled with electronic do-dads. Switches, buttons, transistors, soldering tools, etc. It was the place you went to when you wanted to get stuff to build electronics. They also sold a few things like telephones, and remote control cars (they always had the coolest R/C cars at Christmas time). Well that kind of Radio Shack is a thing of the past. Now they are full of consumer electronics, which brings me to my point.

I think Radio Shack is indicative of the change in the American Economy. What would you do if your electronics broke? Well you would go to Radio Shack...and buy a new one. We have lost the tinkering skills that my Grandfather had. He was an electrical engineer by education but he was able to muddle his way through a lot of tasks. He had a knowledge of how to do things, a savoir-faire. I fear that we have lost something.

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