Friday, October 24, 2008

My Birthday Adventure!! (Last Week)

For my birthday Katie S. watched my kids so I could have a day in the city.
I started in Central Park.

I went and saw Belvedere Castle.

Looking out over Turtle Pond

This is looking north from the top tower.

Garment District

Interesting sign on 25th street

I met Mike for lunch and we went to a Greek restaurant named Karavas. It was yummy.
This is an awsome store. They have cool fabric.
I bought some Halloween fabric to make a little quilt.

After dinner that evening the girls came and surprised me with a Girls Night Out in the city.
We went to Magnolia Bakery and tried there Banana pudding
(sooooooooooo good) and split a key lime cheesecake with Susie

Then we went to Serendipity for some Frozen Hot Chocolates.
All things I wanted to do before I left NYC.

Susie and I split a mint Frozen Hot Chocolate

All the girls.


Katie said...

Happy Birthday Danielle! That was such a fun/filling night. It's sad, though, that we won't get to celebrate anymore birthdays with you...don't worry though, we'll come visit! ;)

alli said...

Can I come next time you celebrate your birthday? You sure do it in style! Happy late birthday.